Welcome to the official DYLAN website!

Welcome to the new official website for DYLAN www.officialdylanmusic.com!

This celebrates the long awaited transition from Dylan’s alter-ego “Lord Phoenix”, in which Dylan had an amazing time performing as, but he felt that Lord Phoenix had done his time. Now, Dylan is proud to announce that he will now be performing as just DYLAN.

Dylan’s enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to his craft has developed him into the performer he is today. He is the all round entertainer.

Dylan is excited to announce his soon to be released single “Freedom”, a collaboration between himself, Bec Caruana, and Bachelor Girl’s Tania Doko. Produced by Sven Tydeman and Sebastian Ivanov (ALIUS).

Dylan offers his services as a vocal coach (and other teaching services), songwriter, backing vocalist, session singer, and corporate entertainer.

You can keep up with Dylan on his social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading and Dylan hopes you enjoy the new website!