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DYLAN is all heart and soul! I've co-written many tunes with this young starlet over recent years, and have watched him grow vocally into a soulful & disciplined singer, as well as in his story-telling abilities now authentically expressed into his writing.  DYLAN is devoted, generous of spirit, and not afraid to be real or give back to others in the music business and his outer world - such wonderful and rare traits in a young, developing artist.

Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl)


Spent a great day with students at the Australian Institute of Music as part of their end of year show. It was so good to hear DYLAN sing - effortless and smooth. I had a sneaky peek at one of his songs on his site as well, "Love on Your Side", absolutely amazing. He is one hell of a guy too. Our backstage banter was fun. Felt like I knew him longer than I actually did. Wishing DYLAN all the best with his career and looking forward to hearing his songs on the radio.

Mark Williams (Dragon)


I had the great pleasure of working with DYLAN on "Forbibben Broadway", for which I directed and choreographed. The show was a sell out. DYLAN has a superb versatile voice for many genres, great sense of comic timing and is a delight to work with. He took direction beautifully and I would never hesitate to hire him again. An absolute treasure to work with. I also adored his single that he released recently.

Greg Shand

Director/Acting Coach/Choreographer/Performer

I've watched DYLAN from his early days in the studio mature into the ultimate studio professional, and go from strength to strength vocally. An absolute pleasure to have worked with.

Ash Maklad


I have used DYLAN for vocal session work, he has come though every-time both in terms of professionalism and performance, needless to say my clients were very happy with the final result. Highly recommend!

Tony Cvetkovski


I've produced several original tracks for DYLAN. He sent me his original top lines and his recorded vocals as we live interstate. Work was done remotely but communicating with him was such a breeze. He was always willing to take suggestions on board and also make suggestions to enhance and overall make a solid record.

It was so great to work with such a strong, dynamic vocal with that little bit of edge and beauty too.

Sebastian Ivanov (ALIUS)


DYLAN came into the audition room fresh faced and blew us away from the moment he opened his mouth. DYLAN's vocal abilities are incredible and he also has very strong acting and dance abilities.

Committed, enthusiastic and driven are all words I'd use to describe DYLAN. Directing him in Legally Blonde The Musical was an absolute pleasure as he has an incredible work ethic and takes direction well.

If another opportunity to work with DYLAN arose, I would be sure to take that opportunity as his kind, caring and determined nature along with his talent (which is beyond his years) is nothing but a pleasure to work with.

Kade O'Rourke

Director - Legally Blonde the Musical (AMTC)

DYLAN is a light that walks in the room. A true entertainer and crowd pleaser. The team at Musicoz have recognized his talents at a number of our award shows.

Tim Dixon

CEO Musicoz Foundation

Loved working with DYLAN's voice and amazing lyric ideas. His tenacity to his craft is really exciting. We've written a number of songs together that I've been listening to on high rotation.

Can't wait to get it going again!

Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez)


We got the chance to work with DYLAN during isolation which was a real treat. When working via distance you need your collaborators to have a really clear vision of where they want to go, the work ethic to bring it to fruition and the talent to back it all up. DYLAN has all those in spades. We’re really excited for people to hear what we’ve created together.

Michael Paynter & Michael DeLorenzis (MSquared Productions)


I have worked with DYLAN live and in the studio since he was 15 years old, and every time he delivers a soulful, heartfelt vocal. A true professional, a prolific songwriter, and an honest performer. DYLAN has worked with Australia's finest producers and musicians, and his polish illuminates. I'll continue to make music with this man forever!

Bec Caruana


After releasing a track, I received a message from DYLAN offering his vocal services. I sent him a bed for one of our Modern Citizens releases, and he returned a killer topline! He was professional, fast, and understood the requirements of what we wanted for the release, and delivered! I’m looking forward to working with him again.

Steve Hart (Modern Citizens & Kuhl Kuhl)


DYLAN was an absolute pleasure to work with; crazy good voice and super talented! He knows how to pull emotion in to everything he does and is a fantastic story teller through his music.

Matt Riley & Justin Martins (Cressbrook)


DYLAN was a joy to work with. Super professional, great ideas, very receptive to direction, and man, WHAT A VOICE!

Christopher Arnott (Friendless)


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